Welcome to Vector Foiltec

Vector Foiltec invented the use of Texlon®, the climatic envelope, over twenty five years ago and has successfully developed and promoted the use of this innovative technology worldwide.

We offer clients a complete design and construction service, from initial concept through to scheme design, production, installation and facilities management. Our scope of services frequently includes the design and engineering of support structures and adjacent cladding.

Vector Foiltec develops and supports a number of research programmes throughout the world. Coupled with our extensive experience, this enables us to offer clients unparalleled expertise.

Such expertise is clearly demonstrated in the adoption of the technology by leading Architects and Engineers around the world, for projects which range from Olympic venues and public spaces to corporate atria.

Through sophisticated load analysis and patterning we can engineer Texlon® to virtually any size or shape, allowing designers to make full use of the products innate flexibility and creating structures of unusual lightness and elegance.