On July 6th 2010, Sir Norman Foster`s Megatent in Astana, Kazakhstan was opened with extraordinary extravagance. The “Tent of the Khan” is the aesthetic highlight of the Central-Asian capital.   Thanks to our three layer Texlon® ETFE technology, the 150m high tent construction resists the extreme climatic conditions. In winter, warm air is blown up […]

The prestigious Palazzo Lombardia office complex is the working hub of 3,000 employees based in the city of Milan. The building encloses flexible workplaces which reflect the Regional Management’s changing workspace requirements and organisational structure.   The courtyard has been covered with an intricate steelwork structure and Texlon® ETFE cushions to create an active space […]

Festo is a technology industry leader for pneumatic control systems and power tools. The designer of their headquarters in Esslingen, Architect Ulrich Jaschek, collaborated with Festo to create a building that displayed the company’s technology driven and ecologically sensitive design approach.   The architect designed six finger-like buildings that are connected by a central spine […]

The Shopping Cité is a vibrant retail mall with two beautiful domed Texlon® ETFE roofs – fondly referred to as UFOs by locals. This retail mall on the outskirts of Baden-Baden, Germany, covers approximately 18,000 square meters of shops and restaurants on the site of a former French barracks. The domed Texlon® ETFE roofs allow […]

In the historic city of Aachen, an architect turned developer set out to transform a neglected and underutilised courtyard that could be used all year round. The unusual geometry of the courtyard did not lend itself to a modular solution. The architectural scheme called for a solution that was as lightweight as possible, with maximum […]