Enter Under ETFE Skylights

The Vancouver Aquarium, located in Stanley Park, British Columbia, is a popular marine science center and aquarium. As Canada’s largest aquarium, it has undergone various renovations and expansions over the years to enhance its exhibits and facilities. One of those transformations was the entrance pavilion to the aquarium, where visitors enter under ETFE skylights.

Customer Uses ETFE for Renovations

Major renovations are often undertaken to update infrastructure, improve animal habitats, and enhance visitor experiences. Renovations also focused on incorporating new technologies and educational elements to align with evolving standards in animal care and environmental conservation. This also happens through the integration of Texlon® ETFE solutions.

Why Consider ETFE for Zoos?

Skylights for the entrance area are not the only solution to enhance a zoo building. It is particularly helpful for the entire zoo – and botanical gardens.

Texlon® ETFE foils are incredibly transparent and allow high levels of light transmission into buildings. High levels of visible light and ultraviolet UV-A light are essential for plant growth. A single layer of 100 µm foil allows more than 90% of visible light and 80% of UV-A rays to pass through. This leads to a so-called bactericidal effect of light transmission, a natural phenomenon that kills bacteria. As a result, plants thrive as if they were in their natural environment. Another benefit of using Texlon® ETFE is that no artificial fertilizers or pesticides are needed for the plants inside the biomes.

Using the Texlon® system allows zoos to experience better plant growth. It also creates a living environment similar to different species natural habitat, to feel as close to home as possible.

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Date 2014
Lieu Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Secteur Botanic/Zoo
Taille 65 m²
Structure Steel
Type Skylights
Architectes Musson Cattell Mackey Partners

Contact d’expert

Alexander Jafari
Vice President of Business Development

Impressive: Visitors can now enter the Vancouver Aquarium under ETFE skylights.
Visitors enter the Vancouver Aquarium under ETFE skylights.

Images Copyright: Ema Peter

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