Texlon® ETFE Canopy Roof at the Education University of Hong Kong

The Education University of Hong Kong is a publicly funded tertiary institution. Founded in 1994 as The Hong Kong Institute of Education, it is one of eight subsidized universities under the University Grants Committee of Hong Kong. It is also the only one dedicated to teacher education, with history that can be traced back to 1853. Vector Foiltec was contracted to install a new structural steel canopy roof with its Texlon® ETFE system.

A Sheltered University Campus

The new structural steel canopy roof with Texlon® ETFE has been erected above the Central Plaza in front of the Central Facilities Building. It provides more covered space and better shelter from sunshine, rain, and wind on the University’s campus.

The canopy is composed of two layers of ETFE film inflated by low-pressure air. Covering an area of around 930 m² and 19.55 meters in height measured from the podium level, the circular-shaped canopy is opened on three sides.

The Texlon® ETFE canopy has been chosen by the University client because of the following advantages:

• Very high light transmittance for use of daylight and an open environment.

• Good thermal insulation value and provide a pleasant shelter environment.

• Long span and structural flexibility for providing an innovative and aesthetic design.


Date 2015
Lieu Hong Kong, China
Secteur Education
Taille 930 m²
Structure Steel
Type Canopy
Architectes P&T Architects and Engineers Ltd.

Contact d’expert

Matthew Penrose
Executive Vice President Asia Pacific
Texlon ETFE Canopy Roof at the Education University of Hong Kong
Texlon® ETFE canopy roof as seen from above at the Education University.
A circular- shaped Texlon ETFE canopy at the University.
The area becomes a sheltered place before entering the University Central Facilities Building.

All images of the canopy are (C) Vector Foiltec.

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