Redevelopment: DomAquarée with Texlon® ETFE System

Situated in the heart of Berlin, and adjacent to the Berlin Cathedral, the 476 million Euro DomAquarée development by DIFA AG and prominent German Architects nps tchoban voss incorporates the world’s largest free-standing acrylic aquarium, a 4 star hotel, office and retail complexes as well as residential apartments.

The redevelopment of the DomAquarée complex in 2004 involved the two main buildings being joined by the Heilig Geist alley. We took the chance to enhance the building complex with our Texlon® ETFE system.

AquaDom covered by Vector Foiltec Technology

The luxurious hotel building houses the AquaDom. The world’s biggest free-standing acrylic aquarium (14 meters high and 11 meters in diameter). The AquaDom aquarium containing nearly 1 million litres of salt water forms the architectural centrepiece of the whole development. The 820 m² roof structure above it is a special Texlon structure. It is covered by our variable Vario® skin technology. Two layers of Texlon® ETFE system are printed and can be adjusted pneumatically to control the amount of light transmitted through the system. The system was designed in close collaboration with the Architects to achieve a lightweight, netlike structure.

The office complex and the residential part is featuring an atrium of 1,600 m² in the middle of the building. Due to the planting vegetation the atrium offers a park like atmosphere and therefore considerably enhances the office area. The 3-layer Texlon® roof over the atrium has a reduced g-value of 0,45 due to the special printing of the top layer. To sum up, the Texlon® ETFE cladding system designed to reduce the solar glare while optimizing light transmission levels entering the building. The structure, which was also designed and constructed by Vector Foiltec, is a biaxial appearing framework structure with bent upper chords and only slightly bended lower chords.

An intricate Texlon® ETFE canopy covers the Heilig Geist alley between the two main buildings. It is one of the oldest streets in Berlin. This elegant canopy over sails the building parapet to create a naturally ventilated space – the famous cafes and restaurants below can be utilized fully all year round. The Texlon® ETFE system is supported by a series of interlinking arches that combine to form a lightweight structural system. The ETFE foil itself includes a special print pattern that reduces the amount of glare through the system.

Work and live, stay at the hotel, shop and relax under Texlon® ETFE – that is DomAquarée in Berlin.

Exceptional Solutions with Texlon® ETFE

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Date 2004
Lieu Berlin, Germany
Secteur Retail, Residential, Offices
Taille 3,970 m²
Structure Steel
Type Atrium
Architectes nps tchoban voss GmbH & Co. KG

Contact d’expert

Geoffrey Walters
Sales Manager Germany / Scandinavia / Benelux / DACH
The luxurious hotel building houses the AquaDom.A great redevelopment.
The luxurious hotel building houses the AquaDom. A great redevelopment.
Intricate Texlon® ETFE canopy covering the Heilig Geist alley.A great redevelopment.
Intricate Texlon® ETFE canopy covering the Heilig Geist alley. A great redevelopment.
Redeveloping DomAquarée with Texlon® ETFE System instead of a previous planned glass roof.
Redevelopment: DomAquarée with Texlon® ETFE System instead of a previous planned glass roof.

Images Copyright: Tom Maelsa.

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