ETFE facade for Mo Ostin Basketball facility in Los Angeles is underway

Vector Foiltec is excited to be part of this new construction.

Competition between sports teams is not only happening throughout the season, but also when designing the newest stadium venues. This is apparent in both the professional sports genre, as well as at a collegiate level. Recruitment for student athletics and coaches is enormously competitive. The quality of the facility, university academic programs, and success of the team roster all play a role in the positive growth and future of collegiate sports. University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) has considered all of this with the construction of the new Mo Ostin Basketball Practice Facility. Designed by Kevin Daly Architects, this state of the art space will offer practice gyms, locker rooms, and training areas for both the men’s and women’s basketball programs, as well as other athletic programs. By creating a separate facility from where actual games are played, the overall experience for players and coaches is improved. There is less of a time crunch, allowing for more flexibility with both academics and athletics for the student athletes.

In addition to the state of the art amenities that the new facility features, it is trending with the latest technology in stadium design. The Texlon ETFE material that is incorporated into the design, will create a perfect atmosphere with controlled amounts of the healthy Southern California sunlight. Acoustic comfort is another major factor created through the foil material, making this a go-to place for athletes on campus.


Fly over and through the new proposed facility on youtube:



Are you interested in watching the Live Cam directly on the UCLA Basketball Facility Website? Click here.


About Vector Foiltec

The high-tech skylights made of Texlon ETFE are supplied by Vector Foiltec, the global market leader in ETFE technology. Originated in Germany, and with over 30 years of experience, Vector Foiltec has introduced lightweight Texlon ETFE products around the world. They have been engineering, designing and installing ETFE projects, helping create sustainable, cost efficient transparent building envelopes.

One of the largest of the 18 offices worldwide is located in the United States, where the market is rapidly growing. The most recently completed landmark project is the 240,000 sqft transparent roof at the new U.S. Bank Stadium. Smaller skylights and canopies are also the specialty of Vector Foiltec.



photo: architects rendering by Kevin Daly Architects

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