Successfully sustainable with Texlon® ETFE

Mastering your project for a low carbon footprint.

Sustainability is a priority for you – for every architect, designer, contractor, owner and investor.

With an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), the Texlon® ETFE system can assist in the most important project phase: the design phase.  Choosing the right cladding material early on, pays out big time throughout the lifetime of the project.  Various certifications, such as DGNB, LEED and BREAM are common goals we share with our clients. The vast majority of our Texlon® ETFE projects in the United States stand out with LEED certification – making the world more sustainable.

Sustainability creates commercial success.

Building ratings and certifications are a mark of quality in the real estate branch, not only for investors, but for visitors and users as well. Health and well-being becomes more and more important. It is time to set an example with outstanding architecture, while simultaneously creating social and economic value within the building industry.

Texlon® ETFE’s benefits in brief:

Everyone likes to achieve an early return on their investments, so why not invest in the best? Buildings that incorporate ETFE are efficiency work-horses. If you know which horse is going to win, wouldn’t you be all in?

  • ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) is a lightweight material. This is beneficial for building envelopes, but also aids in lowering the projects overall carbon footprint when transporting the material to site. Weight and costs of the supporting structure can be optimized significantly.

  • Intelligent design and engineering of the system can easily adjust light transmission and climate control – not only to create maximum comfort but also to minimize heating and cooling demands for the interior space.

  • Due to the smooth and antiadhesive surface of Texlon® ETFE it is absolutely self-cleaning. Your maintenance department will love that! 

In the context of creating the EPD, the Texlon® ETFE system has undergone an extensive life cycle assessment – from cradle to grave. What does that mean? We make sure that our system is green and sustainable from sourcing the raw material, throughout production and installation. And if the buildings life ever comes to an end, our ETFE system can be recycled by nearly 100%.

Our team has helped customers, all over the world to reduce the carbon footprint of their project with a Texlon® ETFE roof or façade. Let us create the next benchmark project with you. Contact us!


LEED, DGNB and BREEAM – we contributed to realise certified buildings:


DGNB Silver and Passive House Standard:

House of Logistics and Mobility, Frankfurt, Germany


BREEAM Excellent:

King’s Mill Hospital, Sutton-in-Ashfield, United Kingdom


LEED Gold:

Kocaeli Shopping Center, Izmit, Turkey 


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