All of Nature – Beautifully Blooming Indoors

Butterflies dancing in the air, hippos playing in the water, plants growing under sunny skies – Nature has a lot to offer. But can this also work in an enclosed space?

This question is on the minds of many of our customers – and we have the solution. By creating amazing architectural buildings, with ultra-lightweight structures and a state of the art building skin, plants and animals can thrive in fully enclosed spaces. Texlon® ETFE is the perfect technology – and Vector Foiltec’s 35 years of experience gives zoos and greenhouses what they ask for: Astonishing environments and amazed customers.

Vector Foiltec‘s specialized team works with botanical experts to ensure that the performance characteristics of a building envelope will create the precise internal climatic environment, creating successful large scale enclosures for zoos and botanical gardens worldwide.

Healthy plants and animals – powered by sunlight

Texlon® ETFE allows visible and UV light to pass through unfiltered, which is essential for plant growth. A positive aspect of the light transmission is the bactericidal effect, a natural phenomenon that kills fungi, allowing plants to thrive without the need for pesticides. ETFE has higher light transmission levels than other transparent materials like glass. Now you know why plants look so healthy under an ETFE roof.

Sustainability – the green house (literally!)

Natural light inside is great – but especially for zoos and greenhouses, sustainability aspects of a building play an ever more important role. And that counts from design over construction to operations phase. Vector Foiltec’s Texlon® ETFE system has an independently-verified EPD (Environmental Product Declaration). In the context of creating the EPD, the system has undergone an extensive life cycle assessment – from cradle to grave. What does that mean? We make sure that our system is green and sustainable from sourcing the raw material, throughout production and installation. And if the buildings life ever comes to an end, our ETFE system can be recycled by nearly 100%.

Our clients reinvented the greenhouse world – thanks to Texlon® ETFE

Early developments in the application of ETFE for botanical enclosures were made in partnership with Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem, first with the Mangrove Hall, in 1982, and later with the Rain Forest building. In 2017, Burgers’ Zoo will build the largest covered mangrove in the world. And Vector Foiltec’s Texlon® ETFE will cover it – again. A 3,000 m² dome creates the new natural environment for animals and plants. The success of each of these enclosures, and the addition of more transparent Texlon® roofs at the Zoo, is the best testimonial we could ask for.

The Eden Project demonstrated to the world the extraordinary potential for of a light-weight structure and a Texlon® ETFE system. Vector Foiltec’s expertise in optimizing structure and transparent skin is on display in Cornwall – to impress and to last.

Many of the solutions first realised by Vector Foiltec in partnership with leading architects, engineers and expert client teams, have been recognised as innovations that set new standards for botanical and zoological buildings.

How we can help make your project successful?

Happy plants and animals make for happy visitors. Our team of experts is just a phone call away – and with our 17 global offices, it is not even a long distance call. So, get in touch now!

The Eden Project in Cornwall, England



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