Botany Town Centre

  • Date
  • 2019
  • Location
  • 20 Garden Ln, Botany Downs, Auckland 2013, New Zealand
  • Size
  • 1,300 m²
  • Sector
  • Retail
  • Structure
  • Steel
  • Application
  • Roof
  • Architect
  • Ignite Architects and Structural Designers Create Ltd


The Botany Town Center and Texlon® ETFE

ETFE Architecture and Leisure

Located in Auckland, New Zealand, the Botany Town Center, one of the largest regional shopping destinations has received a new breathtaking Texlon® ETFE upgrade. The Botany Town Center is now versatile from day to night as a safe family friendly environment for those working, living or enjoying leisurely hours in the area.
The Botany Town Center holds attention with its beautiful design structure and functionality. This was made possible only through state-of-the-art design and execution through partnerships with Ignite Architects, Structural Designers Create Ltd and Head Contractors Naylor Love.

Not just your average roofing system.

Botany Town Center is one of our retail projects that provides smart solutions via a stunning ETFE roofing structure. The project is 1,300 meters squared of a self-sustaining two-layer Texlon® ETFE cladding system in order to address the clients need for a climate controlled area with acoustic comfort, whilst also providing a natural lighting for the plants growing atop the stores. These concerns were addressed in a holistic approach by the Vector Foiltec team with the provision of a fully equipped ETFE cladding system

Our core competency is ETFE

As world market leader Vector Foiltec’s complete vertical integration in ETFE makes us the one-stop-shop for any and all ETFE needs.
• Vector Foiltec offers every service from ETFE design, fabrication, installation and maintenance worldwide.
• Vector Foiltec guarantees quality in service and product with our highly professional and experienced team.
• Vector Foiltec engineering team is comprised of the combined forces of our in-house designers, our own Research and Development Department and specialized ETFE installation and maintenance teams.
• Vector Foiltec also offers maintenance and repair of all ETFE roofing and façade systems.

Smart solutions can also be beautiful

Vector Foiltec’s UV-Transparent Texlon® ETFE provided the Botany Town Center with natural lighting that was optimal for plant growth and varying shade patterns on the north and south sides of the roofing allowing for diversity and excitement in shade patterns throughout the day and control solar heat gain. ETFE’s, transparent and diffusion factor characteristics made the desired design possible and its light weight helped us to construct at such a large scale,creating fascinating illumination possibilities and adding versatility and new life to the New Zealand shopping district. Similar architectural phenomena such as this can be seen in other examples of our work, such as the Astana Entertainment Center, the Watercube in Beijing, the Adelaide Entertainment Center and Ottobrun.

The architects aimed for tall glulam arches underneath the roof which also helped to transform the shopping mall to a sustainable place. Due to the lightweight Texlon® ETFE system we were able to reduce the amount of steel in the building’s primary structure and let the wooden arches stand out.

Worldwide presence

Vector Foiltec is always open and excited to break new boundaries in architecture and construction, making the impossible possible through the use of ETFE. For any further information you are always welcome to contact us via phone or email. Vector Foiltec has 18 offices around the world and supports locally worldwide.



Photography by Nick Holden from Vector Foiltec.