Car park in Bremen – with Texlon® ETFE

  • Date
  • 2018
  • Location
  • Konsul-Smidt-Straße, Bremen, Germany
  • Size
  • 1,200 m²
  • Sector
  • Infrastructure
  • Structure
  • Steel
  • Application
  • Facade
  • Architect


A new covered car park in Bremen – with Texlon® ETFE

The Bremen district “Überseestadt” is growing – and Vector Foiltec couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to accompany this development with its Texlon® ETFE system. After all, it is in their hometown: a covered car park’s façade with nearly 1,200 m² of ETFE. To avoid distraction by the cars headlights, the ETFE foil is white pigmented in the lower area, and to continue the design, it is printed with white dots in the higher sections. This makes it also possible to illuminate the façade during night. About 300 parking spaces are protected from the environment by the single layer ETFE system, while letting in daylight.

Vector Foiltec was involved in the system design, produced, delivered, and installed the Texlon® ETFE panels. The 14 panels are strengthened with horizontal cables.

About “Überseestadt”

The former docklands in the City of Bremen’s western quarter are, with just under 300 hectares of land, one of Europe’s largest urban development schemes. This is one of its outstanding port regeneration projects.


Images: Vector Foiltec