The future of transport is low-maintenance

Jewel Changi Airport (Jewel) is envisaged to be a world-class lifestyle destination in Singapore, with a low-maintenance sensibility. The Jewel has a wide range of compelling lifestyle offerings including unique play attractions, a lush garden, shopping and dining experience of world-class standards. Furthermore, it hosts a hotel with 130 rooms and airport operations facilities. It covers a total of 137,700 m² space and at its center is the Jewel Oculus also known as the Rain Vortex, the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. The 40-meter tall waterfall is made possible through using the Texlon® ETFE system. Further, there are multiple ETFE canopies at Jewel making up 7,390 m2.

Jewel Changi Airport and Low-Maintenance Texlon® ETFE

The Jewel is designed by a consortium of consultants comprising of Safdie Architects. Led by world renowned architect Moshe Safdie, as well as Benoy and local architects RSP. However, Vector Foiltec is also part of the team behind the Rain Vortex attraction at The Jewel. The 12-meter-wide oculus at the center of the sophisticated steel and glass roof is built using our Texlon® ETFE system. The lightweight material of the Texlon® ETFE system enables a structurally efficient construction and large column free spaces. The translucent nature of the material also allows for natural lighting to flood into the spaces below.

Texlon® ETFE System Properties

The Texlon® ETFE system has a lot of characteristics that make it the smart solution for all your architectural needs. ETFE make is possible to reach seemingly impossible architectural feats due to its light weight and flexible nature. Moreover, the Texlon® ETFE system is so light (approx. 1% of the weight of glass) it is an important variable to consider when looking for structural support and the quantity needed to sustain the desired design structure. At Vector Foiltec we have successfully executed projects on variety of structure materials, such as steel, concrete and wood. Furthermore, Texlon® ETFE is transparent but can be printed, colored and/or layered in order to reach desired solar control. This enables us to create indoor spaces that feel like the outdoors and thus, create unique and memorable experiences for those underneath.


Date 2019
Location Singapore, Singapore
Sector Transport
Size 110 m²
Structure Steel
Type Canopy
Architects Safdie Architects

Expert Contact

Matthew Penrose
Executive Vice President Asia Pacific


Jewel Changi Airport has won the ‘Outstanding Shopping Mall Experience Award’ at the Singapore Tourism Awards 2021.

Experience and Sustainability in Creating Spaces

The longevity of ETFE and its reduced carbon footprint allow for sustainable building practices and eco-friendly solutions. ETFE lightweight property makes it so that there is less need for supporting structures thus reducing material costs and consumption in building. The success of this project was largely due to 30 years of experience in service. Vector Foiltec as a company goes further than just a complete in-house for all ETFE needs, but we also have the unique ability to understand and prioritize the clients’ needs and vision for the project. It is through this holistic combination that we as a company aim to create.success.

Why Vector Foiltec

Vector Foiltec is committed to create. success. and we go above and beyond to deliver excellence to our clients. Through over 30 years of aggregated expertise we have earned world market leader status and work very hard in every department and segment of our business to maintain and improve that position. We are dedicated to reaching our clients goals and creating beautiful structures with bold and striking aesthetics.

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