The Avenues Kuwait Phase 4/4b

  • Date
  • 2018
  • Location
  • Ghazali Street, Al-Rai- 5th Ring Road، Kuwait
  • Size
  • 42,000 m²
  • Sector
  • Retail
  • Structure
  • Steel
  • Application
  • Roof and Facade
  • Architect
  • Gensler


Vector Foiltec has been re-commissioned following the successful delivery of The Avenues phase 3 Texlon® ETFE roof and support system. The Avenues’ latest Phase, 4/4b, opened at the end of March 2018 and is a tremendous landmark building in Kuwait. The new phases have been built over an area of 117,000 m².

Extension with Texlon® ETFE and Vector Foiltec

The Grand Avenue mall, The Souk, and Prestige, are all expansions of the existing popular districts. The new districts with modern and diverse concepts include The Arcades, The Grand Plaza, The Forum, The Gardens, The Cinema, and Electra, as well as 2 highly rated hotels. The areas are covered with over 42,000 m2 of Texlon® ETFE – an amazing extension and a testimonial for the satisfaction of Texlon® ETFE as a building material, and Vector Foiltec, the manufacturer and installer of the system.

ETFE has a great advantage over traditional cladding materials like glass: it requires less structural support because of its lightweight properties, with ETFE being only about 1% the weight of glass.

New developed districts

The new developed districts enhance the well-being of all visitors who spend time at The Avenues Kuwait for shopping, entertainment and various leisure activities. The retail concept of open streets – under a translucent roof – set new standards of contemporary building in the Arab world. It creates a year-round shopping and entertainment in Kuwait’s harsh climate.

Prestige Garden district is a beautiful courtyard bringing the outdoors indoors thanks to the Texlon® ETFE overhead. Visitors will enjoy the dining spaces in the environmentally conscious space.

The lightweight steel structure at the Dome (main photo) supports nine unique foil cushion sizes, the largest spanning 20 m² and the smallest cushions along the edge are 3 m². The unique honey-comb shaped cushions, highlighted with LED illumination along the structure, set this dome apart from the other roofs and facades. The 3,900 m² transparent, two-layer Texlon® ETFE roof floods the room with light.

Although the aforementioned cushions are very large, the largest Texlon® ETFE cushions are installed in the extension of the Grand Avenues. These giant cushions are almost ½ the length of a football field, with a length of 48 meters and a width of 4.5 meters, generating over 220 m² cushions.

The Electra district is covered with a special Texlon® ETFE combination. It is a three-layer system with printed white foil on the top and bottom layers, and blue coloured foil in the middle layer of the cushion. This adds to the unique effect the team wants to create for the visitors of The Avenues.


The expansion is part of owner Mabanee’s (Al Rai Real Estate Company) efforts to further enrich the unique shopping and entertainment experience at The Avenues. Mabanee is collaborating with Gensler and Pace. Congratulations to everyone involved.


Images: Vector Foiltec