We are the world’s leading ETFE company with a widely acknowledged track record in the delivery of high-quality projects on budget and to programme. As a specialist design and build subcontractor we have worked with the world’s most respected architects consistently delivering final built solutions that fully reflect desired design intent and project specific architectural visions.

Our inhouse design services including assistance with initial concept designs, scheme and detailed design, design coordination, climate specific optical and thermal performance assessment and foil and structural engineering design services.

Fully coordinated 3D modelling employing a range of software packages lies at the heart of all our design and engineering activities. Client’s design team construction information is employed to develop 3D models which provide the platform for; detailed design development and coordination with other parties, structural and foil engineering design and analysis, production information and procurement schedules, installation management and as built data sets.

An unparalleled archive of material, material treatment and system test data combined with exclusive in house computation and calculation systems enables us to design ETFE cladding systems with thermal and optical performance precisely tuned to individual project needs or specifications.

Resource management in project delivery teams is always carefully controlled to ensure technical project managers, engineers and designers allocated have experience and competencies best suited to project demands through all stages of project delivery. Delivering excellence in architectural and engineering design is fundamental to our customer service philosophy.

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