Texlon® ETFE inflated cladding systems can be manufactured with much larger panel sizes spanning greater areas than conventional cladding technology. 

Under normal environmental loading conditions panel sizes can be coordinated with structural modules for primary structural members. Integrated cladding and structural design delivers simple and elegant cost effective solutions for a wide range of cladding requirements.

The innate toughness, high tear resistance and unique elastic properties of Texlon® ETFE means that this technology is particularly suited to applications where large deflections may be anticipated; large span lightweight structures, buildings in earthquake or hurricane zones or a requirement for bomb blast resilience.

The air in the large inflated pneumatically pressurised panels acts as a fluid that dampens short term loads and reduces their intensity. This leads to an overall decrease in the loads imposed on the primary structure. Ultra lightweight structures such as uni-axial cable nets and large scale geodesics can utilize this phenomenon.

It is necessary to consider all load cases including potential water ponding loads for Texlon® panels with a horizontal and/or near horizontal orientation. The overall geometry, the maximum span, the radii of curvature and the thickness of the foils of the Texlon® inflated panels are defined by the membrane stresses generated by inflation and external loads.

The engineering of Texlon® is a very specialised area. We offer full engineering and patterning services; including specialist non-linear load analysis and patterning software. We can assist with design and engineering of the support structures, opening ventilation panels and adjacent cladding.

We recommend early consultation with our sales engineers in the development of design proposals that take full advantage of the opportunities offered by Texlon® technology to ensure early definition of an economic structural grid and design concept.

Texlon® ETFE inflated panels can be manufactured in large sizes spanning greater areas than conventional cladding technology.

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