ETFE roof and facade maintenance service - Always by your side

It is essential that the Texlon® ETFE systems are correctly maintained to ensure optimal performance and longevity of both static and moving components. Regular maintenance of Texlon® ETFE “live” inflated systems and single membrane systems is a skilled operation. We have dedicated rope access teams specially trained to maintain the ETFE installation to the highest standard. Our on-going commitment to training ensures each Vector Foiltec operative is able to provide advice on all aspects of the technology. Sharing our vast technical knowledge and expertise provides clients with assurance and peace of mind that the Texlon® ETFE system will perform over the course of the building’s life.

Texlon® ETFE inflated installations are “live” systems – the optimum operating pressures are maintained by permanently connected inflation units responding to ‘feedback’ signals.

It is necessary to perform visual and physical inspections throughout the lifecycle of the Texlon® ETFE installation to identify damage at roofs or facades and repair it at an early stage .

The Vector Foiltec ETFE roof maintenance services include:

• Comprehensive maintenance and inspection of all ETFE elements, as roofs and facades

• Survey of ETFE installations

• Rope access services including inspection, localised repair, cleaning, etc.

• Fabrication and installation of bespoke architectural components

• Ventilation servicing, installation and environmental control assessment

We currently maintain several hundred ETFE installations across Australia, China, Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand, South America and the United States. Our client portfolio includes council and government buildings, hospitals, sport venues, retail malls, schools, universities, zoological gardens and stadia with Texlon® ETFE roofs or facades.

We provide tailored solutions to fit our clients’ needs. Please contact a member of our maintenance team in your region to discuss how we can assist you:

• DE +49 421 6935123 (worldwide)
• SG +65 6225 0628
• UK +44 208 821 2900
• US +1 844 653 0315


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