The proven design life of Texlon® ETFE inflated cladding systems maintained in accordance with good industry practice is in excess of 30 years. A well-maintained installation however has an anticipated design life in excess of 50 years. Currently the oldest Texlon® ETFE installation dates back to 1982 and is still fully operational today.

ETFE foil is not affected by UV light, atmospheric pollution (such as sea salt) or other forms of environmental weathering. It has been subject to extensive field and laboratory testing and shows no adverse signs of aging, discoloration or embrittlement. Long-term weathering tests in Arizona and Florida concluded that the foil did not show any signs of degradation or loss of mechanical strength.

Recent empirical Raman spectroscopy testing compared chemical, mechanical, optical properties and tensile strength of archived ETFE foil samples dating back to the original production lots in 1982 with actual samples that had formed part of the installation and new ETFE samples. These tests concluded that the mechanical and optical properties of all foils were almost identical.

Texlon® ETFE is not affected by UV light and atmospheric pollutants. It is chemically inert and has an exceptionally long life span.