Vinhomes Metropolis is our newest project located in the heart of Vietnams capital Hanoi in Lieu Giai Street, opposite renowned projects such as Lotte Hanoi & Daewoo Hotel. This is the first ETFE project completed in Vietnam and at the International Property Awards won “Best Residential High-rise Development Vietnam”. The developer, Vingroup is a Vietnamese […]

On July 6th 2010, Sir Norman Foster`s Megatent in Astana, Kazakhstan was opened with extraordinary extravagance. The “Tent of the Khan” is the aesthetic highlight of the Central-Asian capital. Three layer Texlon® ETFE technology Thanks to our three layer Texlon® ETFE technology, the 150m high tent construction resists the extreme climatic conditions. In winter, warm […]

Buckminster Fuller, the great pioneer of innovative architectural and structural visions, dreamed of roofing entire cities to create new and exciting living spaces. Today, Texlon® ETFE cladding systems turn this concept into reality creating breathtaking indoor spaces like the Eden Project. The largest biome could enclose the Tower of London. Architect Sir Nicholas Grimshaw wanted […]


Leipzig Zoo has taken nature in its most primitive form to a new dimension on a 16.500 m² site to create a unique architectural structure, which not only provides an amazing experience for visitors to the Zoo but which is also an evolution in design. Vector Foiltec, the world market leader for intelligent architecture using […]