Texlon® ETFE atrium for higher job satisfaction Scientists have discovered that a pleasant view increases the job satisfaction and productivity. Therefore, it is not surprising for us that OAS has a new record in their employee numbers since we installed this wonderful atrium for their new office building. Two-layer ETFE system The building uses […]

The 2016 redevelopment and renovation of the office property Sliparen 2 in Solna, Stockholm, introduced the city to the first Texlon® ETFE roof. Fabege, one of Sweden’s leading property companies, decided to develop Solna Business Park, which was originally built in 1964. The developments turned the park into the “place to be” for a variety […]


Texlon® ETFE atrium in Hamburg, Germany There is 690 m2 of Vector Foiltec’s Texlon® ETFE system that covers the atrium at Zeisehof in Hamburg, Germany. The atrium encloses offices of well-known advertising agencies as well as other business offices. Marketers and visitors are able to step out of their offices, and take a break from […]


You are travelling to a meeting, it is pouring rain, and the taxi arrives at your destination, and you realize you forgot your umbrella. There is no chance to get out of the car without getting completely soaked. If only your meeting was at the headquarters of Airbus Defence and Space in Ottobrunn near Munich, […]

Individual Texlon® ETFE panels can be patterned to virtually any shape or size – depending on local site conditions – to create individual and stunning venues. This feature, combined with its exceptional durability and low maintenance, made Texlon® ETFE cladding the natural choice to cover the stunning atrium at the New Campus East. The large […]

The prestigious Palazzo Lombardia office complex is the working hub of 3,000 employees based in the city of Milan. The building encloses flexible workplaces which reflect the Regional Management’s changing workspace requirements and organisational structure.   The courtyard has been covered with an intricate steelwork structure and Texlon® ETFE cushions to create an active space […]

123 Victoria Street is a stunning new refurbishment project in the heart of London’s Victoria Street. Sustainable design was central to this refurbishment project by Aukett Fitzroy Robinson. By reusing the existing structure the embedded carbon footprint of the building was minimised compared with an equivalent new build construction.   The printed three layer Texlon® […]

Devonshire Square, the original spice warehouses of the historic East India Trading Company, comprises of twelve self-contained buildings on a five acre estate. The listed 18th century buildings were initially refurbished in the late 1970’s and succesfsfully retained many of the original features of the individual buildings.   The most recent redevelopment of Devonshire Square […]

Architects Aymeric Zublena, Bernard Cabannes and SCAU worked closely with the client Silic – one of the most renowned real estate companies in the Paris region – to develop a dynamic office environment. This new building at Montréal Orly-Rungis was built to an incredibly high standard. Building occupants can enjoy the very best in terms […]

Awarded the World Building of the Year 2011 at the prestigious World Architecture Festival, Vector Foiltec’s MediaTIC is a testament to the evolving nature of design, sustainability and technology. MediaTIC utilises Vector Foiltec’s Texlon® ETFE to facilitate eco-efficiency in cutting-edge design.   Designed by Cloud9, MediaTIC forms a cube of 44m x 44m x 37.82m […]