The roof over Afrykarium-Oceanarium in Wroclaw is covered with a 4,000 m² Texlon® ETFE foil cushion system.This provides enough natural light and the right conditions for the micro-climate inside, allowing over 1000 plants can thrive naturally. A portion of the Texlon® ETFE roof is also moveable, allowing for ventilation and external airflow when necessary. The […]

Singapore National Stadium, also known as Singapore Sports Hub, is an excellent showcase of Vector Foiltec’s turnkey design & build approach. Spanning 312 m, it is the largest free spanning dome in the world. The central opening section consists of two parts, each covering an area of almost 10,000 m2. As the roof moves around […]

37 million tons of iron was produced at the Duisburg Meiderich Mill, before it closed in 1985. Now, the 500 acre industrial site has been transformed into one of Europe’s most exciting Parklands, with the industrial facilities adapted for modern recreation.   Old silos have become scuba diving centres, rock climbing walls have been created […]