Together under One Canopy

Vector Foiltec installed a single layer Texlon® ETFE outdoor canopy at Eager Park. The 200 m² Texlon® ETFE canopy added a covered outdoor usable space to the park. The T. Rowe Price pavilion is one of the park elements bringing the community together for a multitude of outdoor events like concerts and yoga in the park!

Printed and Illuminated ETFE Canopy

The special print on the ETFE foil helps to provide shade and light in a comfortable ratio. Evenly spread, the specialized print pattern on the ETFE foil covers 50 percent of the canopy system. At night, the whole canopy structure is illuminated and an eye-catcher in the revitalized neighborhood. There are many options when it comes to designing a project with ETFE. The size, shape and print pattern can all be tailored to your project.

Reviving with ETFE

The historic neighborhood of East Baltimore in Maryland, USA, has experienced the ultimate revival, with a beautiful new park as the centerpiece. Gensler and their partner Mahan Rykiel Associates Landscape Architects designed Eager Park together with the local community.

See what’s happening in Eager Park and how you can create your own ETFE project!


Date 2017
Location Baltimore, MD, USA
Sector Cultural/Exhibition
Size 200 m²
Structure Steel
Type Canopy
Architects Gensler

Expert Contact

Mark Nolan
Pre-Construction Manager US
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Close of up the single layer ETFE.
Beautiful illumination of the canopy at night.
A view of the sky looking through the single layer ETFE canopy
A view of the sky looking through the single layer ETFE canopy.

Image credit: Main image, top left and bottom right © Tom Holdsworth

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