Forsyth Barr Stadium

  • Date
  • 2011
  • Location
  • New Zealand, Dunedin
  • Size
  • 20,588 m²
  • Sector
  • Sport
  • Structure
  • Steel
  • Application
  • Roofs
  • Architect
  • Populous


Vector Foiltec is changing the face of sport and stadia design. The world’s first permanently covered stadium with a natural turf pitch, Forsyth Barr is the most advanced stadium in the world. Commissioned for the 2011 Rugby World Cup the stadium offers unprecedented comfort to over 30,000 spectators and players without compromising the sport.

Two years of rigorous testing and countless studies established that grass flourishes under Texlon® ETFE. A revolutionary development in stadia design, natural grass offers better traction, lowers injury risk, and improves safety. The design and engineering of the roof maximises the properties of Texlon® ETFE – allowing optimal solar light transmission while natural ventilation is provided by raised façades. The supporting structure spans 105 meters with an internal roof clearance of 37 metres – an engineering achievement made possible by Texlon® ETFE’s light weight properties (approximately 1% weight of glass).

A great Texlon® ETFE project in Dunedin, New Zealand.


Main Image: © Chris Sullivan