Baseball’s First Retractable Texlon® ETFE Roof

Stadium and arena designs have changed over the last 15 years. No matter the location around the world there are commonalities in overall design results, and they are the comfort and experience of the individuals in these stadiums.  Each new stadium brings more advanced technology and more efficiencies than the last. In addition to the ETFE façade, Globe Life Field, the new home of the Texas Rangers, includes an intelligent shading Texlon® ETFE retractable roof system designed and supplied by Vector Foiltec.

Large stadiums are no longer reserved just for sporting venues, they are multi-faceted destinations. Just like other professional sports teams, the Texas Rangers will share their space for special events and musical concerts. Olympic stadia are transformed into usable spaces post Olympics as well. Vector Foiltec has been an integral part of the transformation of stadia, both old and new, with their Texlon® ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) technology.

Innovative Technology

This innovative technology offers a variety of benefits when included in the design of stadiums.  Fully enclosing stadiums is important in many different climates to protect spectators and players from environmental elements, and in this case the hot humid Texas weather.  ETFE offers enough transparency that you feel as though you are in an open air stadium, while simultaneously controlling the light transmission. But, at the same time, a retractable roof, that incorporates ETFE, can be opened within minutes and offer spectators a whole new experience.

Different print patterns, foil thicknesses and the number of ETFE layers, are all unique to the goals of each stadium project.  Each of those key components affects the light transmission, U-Values, and Solar Heat Gain Coefficients, which all affect the overall comfort for the visitors of the stadium.

Texlon® ETFE can also be used for smaller areas of stadiums, such as canopies covering  seating areas, or even as a façade for aesthetics. Its durable and lightweight properties also allow for endless design possibilities. ETFE can span long distances, and the cushions of a multi-layered system can also be easily designed in various shapes and sizes.


Date 2020
Location Arlington, TX
Sector Sport/Leisure
Size 11,520 m²
Structure Steel
Type Retractable roof and facade
Architects HKS

Expert Contact

Alexander Jafari
Vice President of Business Development

View of the stadium's main entrance with the ETFE facade overhead.
View of the stadium’s main entrance with the ETFE facade overhead.
Installation of the ETFE vertical facade
Installation of the ETFE vertical facade.
Vertical facade illuminated at night.
Vertical ETFE facade illuminated at night.
Sun setting on the team while they install the cushions on the retractable ETFE roof portion.

Image Copyrights: Vector Foiltec

Vector Foiltec continues to be the global market leading specialist for ETFE technology.  With over 35 years of experience, they are responsible for the first stadium ETFE application in the US at U.S. Bank Stadium, and the largest ETFE application in the world at the Beijing Water Cube. Vector Foiltec provides turn-key design build services; from initial concept through to scheme design, climate based optical and thermal assessment, and foil and structural engineering analysis. They also provide specialized production, installation and after sales services. Click here for more information about our services.

Vector Foiltec continues to bring more technical innovations to the industry.  With the world’s only independently verified environmental product declaration for this technology, they recognize that sustainability is a priority for designers and owners. Balancing innovation and sustainability is a constant challenge they overcome by creating exceptional solutions across the globe.

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