• Date
  • 2011
  • Location
  • Germany, Delmenhorst
  • Size
  • 1,161 m²
  • Sector
  • Aquatic, Leisure
  • Structure
  • Steel
  • Application
  • Roofs
  • Architect
  • de Witt Janßen Partner Architekten & Ingenieure


The Graft Therme thermal park located Delmenhorst in North Germany consists of a series of indoor and outdoor pools, as well as several saunas. One of the first spas in Germany, it was expanded during the 1980s into a water park.


The most recent renovation intended to combine the functionality of a municipal swimming pool with the luxury of modern baths and saunas. One of the “highlights” is the domed Texlon® ETFE skylight spanning over 25m over the leisure pool. Texlon® ETFE foils are incredibly transparent and allow high levels of light transmission into buildings. Visible light transmission and UV rays pass unfiltered through transparent Texlon® ETFE foils. By applying speciality prints to the Texlon® ETFE system the UV levels can be reduced allowing occupants to tan safely. Visitors can enjoy the feeling as if they are outside even during the colder autumn and winter months in the warmth of the pool.


Texlon® ETFE is 1% of the weight of glass and therefore requires a far lighter steel structure than its more conventional alternative. Despite this, the material possesses outstanding durability properties, does not degrade under ultraviolet light and is exceptionally long-lasting.



Main Image: © Stephan Brendgen