La Cité de L’eau

  • Date
  • 2010
  • Location
  • France, Agde
  • Size
  • 2,110 m²
  • Sector
  • Aquatic, Leisure
  • Structure
  • Steel, Wood
  • Application
  • Roofs
  • Architect
  • Cabinet d’architecture Luc Demolombe


Centre Aquatique Archipel La Cité de L’eau is a fantastic leisure amenitity for the Adge region in Southern France. The aquatic center covers a total area of 10,000 m² (6,200m² indoor and outdoor 3,800m2). The indoor swimming area is covered by a beautiful Texlon® ETFE cladding system. With excellent insulation properties, the large wave pools, slides and jacuzzis within the transparant enclosure are kept at a desired temperature all year round. Texlon® ETFE posesses better insulating properties than comparable triple-glazed glass units. The high levels of light transmission and UV light transmission passing through the Texlon® system means that the occupants feel as if they are outside all year round – but at the same time they are protected from the elements in the colder seasons.

Architecture with Texlon® ETFE

From an architectural view point the combination of Texlon® ETFE supported by an elegant curved timber frame structure is truly beautiful. The lightweight Texlon® ETFE system offers tremendous advantages over traditional roofing systems in terms of energy savings, sound dispersion, lower structural costs and better light transmission.



Main Image: © Cyril Montels