• Date
  • 2009
  • Location
  • Spain, Barcelona
  • Size
  • 2,304 m²
  • Sector
  • Cultural, Offices
  • Structure
  • Steel
  • Application
  • Facades
  • Architect
  • Cloud9


Awarded the World Building of the Year 2011 at the prestigious World Architecture Festival, Vector Foiltec’s MediaTIC is a testament to the evolving nature of design, sustainability and technology. MediaTIC utilises Vector Foiltec’s Texlon® ETFE to facilitate eco-efficiency in cutting-edge design.


Designed by Cloud9, MediaTIC forms a cube of 44m x 44m x 37.82m high and uses 2,500m² of intelligent Texlon® ETFE cladding on both the South East and South West façades. The individually climatic controlled Texlon® ETFE cushions of the East façade receive an average of six hours of sunshine a day and use Vector Foiltec’s Texlon® Vario system to optimise solar gain in any climate – opening in winter to increase solar energy gain and closing in summer to reflect heat.


The South West façade incorporates Texlon® Cloud where dense, opaque gas particles of a nitrogen based fog are sandwiched between two layers of ETFE foil – this acts as a solar filter. These mechanisms along with Vector Foiltec’s temperature, humidity and pressure sensors in the façades have very low operating costs and ensure MediaTIC’s eco-efficiency. These factors also contrbuted to the buildings LEED Gold rating.



Main Image: © Vector Foiltec