Back to School – with a Transparent ETFE System

Creating the perfect learning environment for students and pupils is one of the main goals of educational institutions around the globe. Vector Foiltec’s Texlon® ETFE system was used in many newly built schools and educational renovation projects in the past years. One of them is the new Royal Grammar School Guildford in Dubai. In fact, this fantastic new campus includes not one, but two different ETFE applications, and perfectly shows the versatility of our system.

Building Versatile Educational Spaces with Texlon® ETFE

The Royal Grammar School Guildford is one of Britain’s oldest independent schools and has recently opened a new campus in Dubai. In September 2022, the new school officially opened its doors for its first pupils and teachers. The 40,000 m² campus includes a well-thought-out main building and several facilities, like a big pool and gym. The atrium of the main building is covered with two beautiful diagrid Texlon® ETFE roofs by Vector Foiltec. These roofs cover 760 m² each and consist of 22 diamond-shaped cushions, made from two layers of ETFE.

A Great Atmosphere Supports a High-Quality Learning Environment

The RGSG Dubai offers its pupils a safe and high-quality learning environment. With its many benefits, a Texlon® ETFE roof is a great choice to achieve this goal. First, ETFE has a low reverberation time. This means, that sound passes through the ETFE foil and is not reflected into the space below, unlike less acoustically transparent materials such as glass. Because of this characteristic ETFE is the perfect cladding material perfect for loud and busy environments, such as schools.

Second, the high transparency of the system lets a lot of daylight into the building, while still offering shelter from the sun. This is achieved with our advanced printing technology. The top foil is printed with silver pigment, reflecting solar radiation. As a result, less heat accumulates in the building.


Date 2021
Location Dubai, United Arabic Emirates
Sector Education
Size 3,868 m²
Structure Steel
Type Roof
Architects Bogle Architects/AESG

Expert Contact

Peter Key
Sales Director Middle East

Our team installs the diamons-shaped Texlon® ETFE cushions at the Royal Grammar School Guildford in Dubai.
Our team installs the Texlon® ETFE cushions at the RGSG in Dubai.
The two roofs cover the atrium of the school's main building.
The two roofs cover the atrium of the school’s main building.
A lot of daylight shines through the transparent ETFE cushions into the building.
A lot of daylight shines through the transparent ETFE cushions into the building.
The school's pool next to main building is now equipped with a single-layer Texlon® ETFE system.
A single-layer Texlon® ETFE system covers the pool’s roof and facade.

Bilder Copyright: Vector Foiltec

Focus on Sustainable Solutions

The campus focuses on eco-friendly and sustainable solutions. Our system is extremely lightweight, resulting in material savings, e.g., in the structure and lower embodied energy. On top of that, it stands out with a durability of more than 50 years and is fully recyclable.

A Single-Layer Application for the School’s Pool

Next to the two diagrid roofs adorning the atria of the school, our single-layer Texlon® ETFE system covers the school’s pool. A single-layer application is a great choice for facades and canopies. The transparent foil shows the intricate design of the substructure and simultaneously protects the inside of the pool from any weather influences.

If you want to build a beautiful and pleasant learning environment, you should consider choosing a Texlon® ETFE cladding system. Contact our team here.

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