A Slice of Times Square in Singapore – Wrapped in ETFE

We are excited being part of the project Ten Square at 100 Selegie Road, Singapore. The unique plot geometry and bustling intersection location makes Ten Square a local landmark. If the Texlon® ETFE cladding is fully illuminated this landmark is a beacon of light with a unique day and nighttime identity.

A Car Vending Machine and even more

For our client ABM (Autobahn Motors) this will be their second vertical luxury “car vending machine” in Singapore. With the ETFE cladding and massive LED display it is an eye-catcher. Our clients will also use this amazing venue to bring collective creative and innovative opportunities to place-make community engagement.

Illumination with ETFE and 3D Content

Vector Foiltec had the privilege to work with a passionate client and Archideas Design. We are responsible for the three facades with our Texlon® ETFE system that are almost 15 stories high with no horizontal joints. The two front faces are cladded with white ETFE that at night will further enhance the LED screen as the ETFE illuminated in-sync with images on the LED images for even greater effect. Visual effects (VFX) companies e.g. turned the vending machine into an “Arcade Claw Car Catching Machine” using 3D content on the screen. Ten Square is the first 3D billboard in Singapore.

The rear facade is also a 2-layer Texlon® ETFE system – now using silver print on the ETFE. This gives contrast and allows the rear facade to not just be illuminated but also to have images projected on it.

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Date 2021
Location Singapore, Singapore
Sector Retail, Special
Size 1,116 m²
Structure Steel
Type Facade
Architects Archideas Design

Expert Contact

Matthew Penrose
Executive Vice President Asia Pacific

Images: Copyright Vector Foiltec

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