The Avenues

  • Date
  • 2012
  • Location
  • Farwaniya, Kuwait, Kuwait
  • Size
  • 25,061 m²
  • Sector
  • Retail
  • Structure
  • Steel
  • Application
  • Roofs
  • Architect
  • Gensler


‘The Avenues’, Kuwait, is The Gulf’s premier shopping and leisure destination. It is set to become the “in” meeting place catering for families and professionals alike. Vector Foiltec’s Texlon® ETFE technology provides a relaxed sanctuary in a challenging and harsh climate. It enables the local population to engage in a wide variety of social, leisure and business activities enhancing ‘The Avenues’ commercial success.

Vector Foiltec has extensive know-how

The performance requirements for solar transmission through the ETFE cladding were complex and challenging. Vector Foiltec has extensive know-how in this field and was able to provide a technically superior yet economic solution. We developed a new high specification ink, which combined with foil and print arrangements effect a subtle reduction in solar transmission through the mall – allowing sunlight to be reflected and harmful UV radiation to be shielded; whilst bathing the streets in natural daylight. The innovative technology provides a natural outdoor experience due to its thermal and shading performance; creating the perfect indoor environment.

Texlon® ETFE is extremely environmentally friendly. Not only does it care for the environment, it cares for the people in it. With a carbon footprint of less than 10% of glass, Texlon® is 100% recyclable.

Great team

Vector Foiltec worked very closely with Mabanee and their design team – Gensler and Pace, to understand their vision and realise their objectives. During the initial 25,061 m2contract and impressed with our technology, they commissioned us to design and build ‘The Lakes’ – a 6,886 m2 extension. This complex structure was built at a fraction of the cost to a glazed alternative, making this a commercial oasis in an unforgiving climate.

Ongoing project

The project is ongoing with more phases to come. Texlon® ETFE is still the choice for extended areas of the roofs and facades at The Grand Avenue mall, The Souk and Prestige. The newest areas, The Grand Plaza, The Forum, Gardens and Electra will be covered by 42,000 m2 of Texlon® ETFE – an amazing extension and a testimonial for the satisfaction with Texlon® ETFE as a building material.






Image: © Nick Merrick of Hedrich Blessing