An Office Building with Texlon® ETFE in Hamburg

Productivity is strongly connected to well-being. The feeling of being outdoors combined with spectacular acoustic features generates a most pleasant work environment. That is why Vector Foiltec installed a Texlon® ETFE atrium at the Zeisehof, an office building in Hamburg, Germany.

The atrium encloses offices of well-known advertising agencies, as well as other business offices. Marketers and visitors are able to step out of their offices and take a break from the workday. They can enjoy a roof that gives them the feeling that they are outdoors. In addition, the wooden supporting structure gives a natural feeling, too. Providing employees with benefits like open atrium areas helps improve their creativity and overall activity. Furthermore, offering plenty of light and a great atmosphere for a comfortable day of work is a plus for employees and job seekers. In other words, features and benefits of the workplace have become important factors in job selection.

A Beautiful Atrium on Top of a Rhombus-shaped Wooden Support Structure

Architect Störmer Murphy and Partners GbR, Hamburg, designed the wood support structure. As you can see, Vector Foiltec’s Texlon® ETFE system can be built on a variety of support structures, like steel, wood or cables.

The wooden supporting structure forms a rhombus, while the aluminum profiles span the two-layer ETFE cushions, creating smaller diamond shapes. By incorporating two layers of transparent ETFE, the result is a highly transparent, visually spectacular atrium that provides maximum light transmission, weather protection, and acoustic comfort.


Date 2016
Location Hamburg, Germany
Sector Offices
Size 690 m²
Structure Wood
Type Roof
Architects Architect Störmer Murphy and Partners GbR, Hamburg

Expert Contact

Geoffrey Walters
Sales Manager Germany / Scandinavia / Benelux / DACH
The office building Zeisehof and its light atrium.
Employees can take a break and feel as if they were outdoors.
Maximum light transmission for the employees by our Texlon® ETFE system.
Maximum light transmission with our Texlon® ETFE system
A wonderful look to the sky - through the office building's atrium.
The office building Zeisehof illuminated in the evening.

All images Copyright © Carsten Brügmann

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