Sustainability is central to our philosophy and influences every aspect of the design of Texlon® ETFE cladding technology. Vector Foiltec is committed to developing and delivering methods that add economic, environmental and social value to communities and industry.

The use of Texlon® ETFE offers significant environmental benefits when compared to alternative transparent cladding systems. This is true whether it is used for new buildings or refurbishment projects. The low levels of embodied energy and outstanding environmental benefits result in ecologically benign building envelopes. Choosing Texlon® ETFE can facilitate a reduction in requirements for artificial lighting, environmental control and the mass of supporting structures, while allowing for a faster installation compared to similar glazed systems.

Texlon® inflated panels that have reached the end of their useful phase, and ETFE offcuts are recycled. The material is made into valves and other small components that are used in the manufacture of new ETFE systems. The aluminium cap and base profiles can be re-used for new buildings and refurbishment projects or recycled.

Following two years of empirical data collection, comprehensive life cycle analysis and third party evaluation, the Texlon® ETFE system was the first ETFE System in the world to be awarded an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). Our efforts have been recognised by the Eco Platform which promote EPDs in European and international markets.

Download the EPD for Texlon® ETFE system

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is list document that states transparent and comparable information in regards to the life cycle environmental impact of products.

Download the LEED Certification for the Texlon® ETFE system

The Leadership in Energy and Enviornmental Design (LEED) Cerification is the most used green building rating system and is gloabally recognized as a symbol of sustainability achievements. LEED is a framework that can be applied to create healthy, efficient and cost-saving green buildings and is available for  all construction types.

Download the BREEAM Certification for the Texlon® ETFE system

The Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) is the longest established assesment method, rating and certification method worldwide for building sustainability. BREEAM is suited for masterplpanning projects, infrastucture and building recognizing and reflecting value in higher performing assests in building enviornments.

Download the DGNB Certification for the Texlon® ETFE system

The German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) Certificate provides a comprehensive description and assesment of building sustainability where quality is assesed throught the entire life cycle of the building. This certiifcate can be applied internationally and its flexible nature allows it to be tailored to building or country specific requirements.

Download the HPD for Texlon® ETFE system

Health Product Declaration (HPD) is material content list with assocaiated human and environmental health hazards.

Watch this video explaining how an EPD works

You want to know why an EPD is key in construction? Have a look at this video which explains how and why to use an EPD for e.g. a roof or facade with Texlon® ETFE.

We pride ourselves on being the only ETFE manufacturer in the world with an independently-verified EPD.