作为“一带一路”即现代丝绸之路的节点之一,西安老城根GPark商业街成为亚欧两洲间贸易、投资、金融、旅游及文化交流的重要枢纽。   经典时尚的建筑设计,是该项目从规划阶段开始的目标之一;而实现此目标的是中国西北地区首个ETFE(乙烯-四氟乙烯)天幕,其形状有如若干个细长蜂巢,令人印象深刻。   北京维克多福泰克建筑工程有限责任公司,使用其晶莹剔透的Texlon® ETFE系统,为超过23,000平方米的商业区提供了约15,000平方米的膜结构天幕,给来此休闲或消费的每位顾客带来耳目一新的环境体验。Texlon® ETFE系统这种创新建筑材料最大程度地降低了自然对该区域的影响,为商区内的穿行和放松创造出独特舒适的户外空间。   照片中精心打造的ETFE天幕尤为醒目,这归功于ETFE在结构方面的显著优势——不像玻璃那样需要较强的支撑结构。ETFE的重量只有玻璃的1%,因此轻便的钢结构即可支撑435块形状各异的膜结构气枕,包括29米的最长跨度——在满足视觉效果的同时,从根本上节约了建造成本。    

The natural surroundings of Kocaeli and the Marmara Sea were mirrored in the design of the interior and exterior of the 41 Burda Shopping Centre in Kocaeli. The first quarter of 2016 marked the opening of this new mall which is divided into three main areas connected by a continuous mall on two floors. The […]


Stadium and arena designs have changed over the last 15 years. No matter the location around the world there are commonalities in overall design results, and they are the comfort and experience of the individuals in these stadiums. Each new stadium brings more advanced technology and more efficiencies than the last. Large stadiums are no […]

This was the first project in the Masdar Initiative’s six million square meter sustainable development that uses the traditional planning principals of a walled city, together with exciting new technologies, to achieve a zero carbon and zero waste community. Master planned by Foster + Partners, the initiative has been driven by the Abu Dhabi Future […]

We installed the Texlon® ETFE technology to the roof canopy structure of the North Terminal Interchange (NTI) train station as part of Gatwick’s North Terminal Landside Development Programme. Vector Foiltec also installed Brisé Soleil and fabric rain screens. This tiered canopy offers protection to passengers arriving at Gatwick Airport’s North Terminal Interchange. The main tier […]

An award winning addition to the Johannesburg skyline, Sandton City is the first project in Southern Africa to utilise Texlon® ETFE technology. Sandton City’s prolific expansion is amongst the most environmentally conscious projects in South Africa and demonstrates the revolutionary capabilities of Texlon® ETFE.   Designed by RTKL in the United Kingdom and implemented by […]

Individual Texlon® ETFE panels can be patterned to virtually any shape or size – depending on local site conditions – to create individual and stunning venues. This feature, combined with its exceptional durability and low maintenance, made Texlon® ETFE cladding the natural choice to cover the stunning atrium at the New Campus East. The large […]

Kalahari Aquatic Resort is one of the largest water parks in North America. The African Safari themed park contains both indoor and outdoor water attractions, including a 28,000 square foot area covered by a transparent Texlon® ETFE cladding system. The client wanted to create the warmth of the African jungle in the midst of the […]

The prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena developed a new South Campus; with their first facility occupying the renovated Southern California Cooperative Wind Tunnel. The architectural firm, Daly Genik Architects, was selected to transform this complex into a new studio and gallery spaces for the school. Above the studio spaces, DGA designed three […]