A One of a Kind ETFE Facade

In 2019, the University of Oregon renovated their track and field, making it one of the most innovative in the world. Almost 100 years after initial inception for their football team, and 2 years later for track and field, the design and construction team took this stadium to a whole new level for the world class athletes it hosts. The single layer Texlon® ETFE canopy and facade, at Hayward Field, includes a specialized cable truss system and 3 different ETFE print densities for a unique Texlon® ETFE canopy system, designed and supplied by Vector Foiltec. The stadium includes 12,650 permanent seats; expandable to nearly 25,000.

Unique Facade and Canopy Design

The significance of the wood structure dates back to 1974. It was designed to showcase Oregon’s history and culture, highlighting forest products. Bill Bowerman said before the 1974 Hayward Renovation, “Oregon is wood and wood is Oregon.”

In 2022, Eugene will host the World Athletics Championships — July 15-24, 2022 — and Hayward Field will become the first stadium in the United States to ever host this meet. Stadium and arena designs have changed over the last 15 years. No matter the location around the world there are commonalities in overall design results, and they are the comfort and experience of the individuals in these stadiums. Each new stadium brings more advanced technology and more efficiencies than the last, whether it is a canopy, facade, fully enclosed or retractable roof.

Lead with Innovation

Do you want to take your sports stadium into the next decade? Vector Foiltec continues to be the leader in innovation, and development of ETFE technology, assisting clients with their building envelopes for projects ranging from small atria enclosures and office skylights to large-scale landmark buildings, shopping malls and stadia.


Date 2020
Location Eugene, OR USA
Sector Sport
Size 15,610 m²
Structure Wood and Cable
Type Canopy and Facade
Architects SRG Partnership

Expert Contact

Mark Nolan
Pre-Construction Manager US

A view of the underside of the Texlon® ETFE canopy and glulam supports.
Nighttime view of the single layer ETFE Texlon® Facade.
Aerial image of the ETFE at Hayward Field as the sun sets.
Panorama of the Texlon® ETFE facade and canopy as the sun sets in Oregon.

Copyright: Kevin Scott

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