Comfort and Design with an ETFE Canopy

The new Terminal A Arrivals Canopy at Newark Liberty International Airport, improves the traveler experience by providing more weather protection and natural light at the terminal pick up area. With its Texlon® ETFE canopy, you don’t have to worry about being rained on as you are leaving the terminal or picking someone up. Air Canada, American Airlines, JetBlue, Delta and United Airlines all operate out of the new terminal.

Vector Foiltec’s scope included the 2,380 m2 single layer ETFE canopy, support cables, aluminum cladding and gutters. The canopy allows natural light to pass through, while still protecting travelers from inclement weather. The architect, PGAL, designed the entrance canopy to Terminal A to have a modern aesthetic, but also to be functional. More importantly, it provides sustainability benefits as well.

The new terminal with its new Texlon® ETFE canopy enhances travelers overall experience.

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Date 2023
Location Newark, New Jersey, USA
Sector Transport
Size 2,380 m²
Structure Steel
Type Canopy
Architects PGAL and Gensler

Expert Contact

Mark Nolan
Pre-Construction Manager US

Beautiful blue sky shows through the Texlon® ETFE canopy.
Beautiful blue sky shows through the Texlon® ETFE canopy.
Terminal A's new Texlon® ETFE canopy.
Terminal A’s new Texlon® ETFE canopy.
The view as you exit the terminal under the canopy.
Blue sky shows through the Texlon® ETFE system.

Photo Copyright: © Vector Foiltec

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