How to create an architectural masterpiece with ETFE

Your idea.

You have an idea. You have a creative vision. You know what your architectural masterpiece with a transparent cladding material should look like.

How can we transform your brainchild into a real life project that your clients, spectators and the architectural community marvel at? Vector Foiltec’s Texlon® ETFE system has been around for a long time. We have many repetitive clients that have experienced how we work – but let’s face it: Most of you do not know how this “Magical Texlon Stuff” comes along from the initial idea to your roof, canopy or facade. Let us change that! Today, we want to help you understand the processes behind the beauty we create for our clients.

First: Call us.

Our experienced sales force is closer than you think. With our network of 18 offices around the globe, we are just around the corner. Once we know some facts about your project, we can assist in finding the right details and specifications for your needs.

Let us get on board

After we become familiar with your project, you can choose from a wide range of services around your Texlon® ETFE system. Many of our clients take advantage of the extended engineering capabilities for structural consulting and optimization, climatic aspects, and interface management, etc. We work with your team of architects, engineers and contractors to make sure the concept is right and the detailing works – you know best that each piece of the puzzle needs to be perfect to ensure true performance.

To the calculators and drawing boards

Once we are all on the same page about what you need and what your design intent really looks like, we will get our design and engineering team cranking. Now is the time where over 35 years of experience and a track record of more than 1,500 projects come into play. Vector Foiltec knows how to make sure your solution is feasible and efficient. To ensure that, we use state of the art CAD and BIM modeling, as well as 3D engineering software.

Texlon® ETFE system design, structural calculations, interface solutions… the list is long – but at the end you will get a design package that visualizes what your final ETFE project will look like.

Now we give you some time to digest and coordinate with your team.

Full speed ahead with production

When we have your approval, our production phase kicks into gear. While the procurement team starts ordering all materials, the technical scheduling prepares the production information. ETFE cutting plans, aluminum fabrication, special prints and coatings, all of the things that started in your head now begin to materialize. Our two high capacity production facilities make sure that we can meet the agreed time schedule. And our rigid quality management program is unique in the industry.

And up it goes!

As soon as our shipment arrives, the site specialists take over. We work with our own installation crews or experienced subcontractors that know the ins and outs of the product – and everything around it. Site logistics, fall protection, local union regulations and coordination with adjacent trades is often where the devil is in the detail. We know the game and we know what you need.  That is the beauty of working with experts.

After installing the structure, mounting the aluminum extrusion system and placing gaskets, we slide in the precious Texlon® ETFE panels. At the end of an extensive process, you can finally see your dream come true.

Always by your side

Don’t worry, we won’t leave you alone after the installation is wrapped up. Just as your car goes through inspections, each Texlon® ETFE system has a maintenance contract to make sure all is fine during the next decades. Vector Foiltec’s After Sales Team periodically checks your system and can professionally solve any issues.

Through our worldwide network of service teams, we also have the quickest response time for any emergencies. These are fortunately very rare but hey: When you have one, you want help quick, right?

Bottom line

Vector Foiltec offers the comprehensive carefree package from the first idea throughout the system lifetime. What else can we say – back to square one: Call us!

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