How to Build with ETFE in the Philippines

We have built projects in many different climatic conditions and found solutions for a wide range of challenges. Our Texlon® ETFE canopies and roofs can be found in the Philippines, a country with an exciting architectural future. Any questions? Contact our Singapore team.

Philippines: Special Climatic Conditions Call for Special Solutions

No matter where you are building in the world, considering the climatic condition of a place is crucial for a successful project. The Philippines is known for its tropical and maritime climate. On one hand, the high average temperatures make it possible to be outside all year round in the Philippines. But, on the other hand, it is also often uncomfortably warm with high humidity. Additionally, the abundant rainfall makes shelter irreplaceable.

Considering these weather conditions, it is no wonder that we have already installed two major ETFE canopies in the Philippines. With its durability and various other benefits, our system offers amazing shelter from any weather condition. All our Philippine Projects have been designed and engineered to the NSCP national code for both typhoon wind loads and seismic conditions. In fact, Vector Foiltec has a proven track record of delivering amazing ETFE projects in countries subjected to typhoons such as Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and more.

We offer a unique printing technique of the foil to control solar radiation and heat gain underneath the roof or canopy. On top of that the optimal thermal performance can be achieved by adapting the number of foil layers. With these factors, our Texlon® ETFE system makes it possible to reach a wide spectrum of desired g- and u-values suitable for your unique project.

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Three Texlon® ETFE Projects in the Philippines

We want to present three Texlon® ETFE projects in the Philippines.

Aseana Parqual Mixed-Use Development

The Parqual development features huge ETFE canopies to shelter the area from the Philippine weather.
The Parqual development features huge ETFE canopies to shelter the area from the Philippine weather.

The Aseana Parqal complex is a mixed-use development area in Parañaque City, Manila, The retail strip stretches over 900 meters in length and is covered with lightweight Texlon® ETFE canopies. The giant, elevated canopies protect the area from sun and rain, as well as stormy weather. ETFE was a great choice for this project because of its lightweight and light transparency. It creates a sheltered area with a unique indoor-outdoor feeling.

Learn more about the Parqual project here.

Mactan Cebu International Airport

The Mactan-Cebu International Airport features a huge Texlon® ETFE canopy in the Drop-Off area.
The Mactan-Cebu International Airport features a huge Texlon® ETFE canopy in the Drop-Off area.

The new passenger terminal at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA) opened in 2018. The inauguration ceremony took place under the Texlon® ETFE canopy, which covers the drop-off area and connection bridge. The new Terminal brings Cebu Airport’s capacity from 4.5 M to 12.5 M per year. The airport is one of the busiest airports in the country. The minimalist structure, and 3,600 m² of Texlon® ETFE, shelter the arriving passengers from the elements. The canopy still offers natural light and high visibility.

Read more about Cebu Airport’s canopies here.

KCC Mall of Gensan

The atrium of the KCC Mall in the Philippines is covered by a printed Texlon® ETFE roof.

The Veranza Mall extension of the KCC Mall of GenSan adds 21,450 m2 of food, leisure, and retail facilities. The main atrium is covered by a printed Texlon® ETFE cladding system. The system provides solar shading while simultaneously creating a sun-drenched atmosphere.

Learn more about this retail project here.

ETFE Has a Place in the Philippine’s Architectural Future

The Philippine’s architecture reflects its complex cultural identity. You can see a mix of indigenous architecture, influences of colonial times, and of course modern trends. The construction sector has seen constant growth over the last few years and currently sees a high demand for eco-friendly materials. Next to architecture, which considers the unique weather, the focus lies on buildings with a reduced environmental impact. Additionally, the use of innovative materials and future technology will play a big role. This mix of innovation, sustainability, and respect for heritage is leading the country’s architecture to an exciting future.

With its durability, low levels of embodied energy, and outstanding environmental benefits, Texlon® ETFE is an amazing choice for a wide range of projects. Further, its flexibility and strength allow for the most unique design possibilities. ETFE has found a place among the future-oriented building materials of today.

Do you want to learn more about our system and its benefits? Read more here or contact our team of experts, located in Singapore.

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