On July 6th 2010, Sir Norman Foster`s Megatent in Astana, Kazakhstan was opened with extraordinary extravagance. The “Tent of the Khan” is the aesthetic highlight of the Central-Asian capital.   Thanks to our three layer Texlon® ETFE technology, the 150m high tent construction resists the extreme climatic conditions. In winter, warm air is blown up […]

Buckminster Fuller, the great pioneer of innovative architectural and structural visions, dreamed of roofing entire cities to create new and exciting living spaces. Today, Texlon® ETFE cladding systems turn this concept into reality creating breathtaking indoor spaces like the Eden Project. The largest biome could enclose the Tower of London. Architect Sir Nicholas Grimshaw wanted […]

Gondwanaland, the ancient continent which broke up over 150 million years ago was a paradise, populated by giant trees, flowers and exotic birds, and now constitutes our southern hemisphere. Leipzig Zoo has taken nature in its most primitive form to a new dimension on a 16.500 m² site to create a unique architectural structure, which […]