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The Texlon® ETFE system can be used wherever there is need for a high performance, long life, building envelope. You can meet your acoustic, climatic and architectural requirements with ETFE, as it is suitable for all climates and environments. It is an ultra-lightweight and highly transparent cladding solution which enables the construction of efficient structures with maximum free span.

The Texlon® ETFE system is the transparent roofing and façade solution that covers unique spaces and can be tailored to the exact needs of the project. Vector Foiltec has completed over 1,500 projects over the last decades, covering spaces for many different applications such as retail offices, stadia, zoos and botanical gardens.

Our ETFE system can be used as a single-layer or multi-layer system. Applied as a multi-layer (two to five layers) system, the ETFE foil it is welded to so-called cushions and than filled with air. A “keder” rope is welded around the perimeter of the cushions. Both the single-layer ETFE system and the ETFE cushions are mounted in the aluminum profiles, with the help of the keder. The aluminum profiles themselves are attached to the building structure. The structure can, for example, be made of steel, wood or even cable.

Suitable for LEED, BREAM and DGNB certifications, perfectly suitable for every climate and environment, the Texlon® ETFE system allows design flexibility for iconic and sustainable architecture.

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