About Us

Vector Foiltec designed, manufactured and installed the first ETFE cladding system in 1982 and has retained the position as world market leader in this field.

We currently manufacture our product under the trademark of Texlon® and operate two high capacity production facilities in Europe and East Asia. Vector Foiltec holds the world’s most comprehensive body of ETFE related research data and continues to bring new and innovative products to the market. We are proud of our consistent track record in the delivery of elegant and cost effective engineering solutions to meet our client’s many, varied and often complex needs.

We have eighteen offices around the world and have to date delivered successful projects in over forty different countries. Vector Foiltec continues to maintain and develop an in-house multidisciplinary team, which is the key factor to our success, enabling us to resolve complex integrated design problems quickly and efficiently and deliver a specialised production, installation and after sales service.

Dr. Stefan Lehnert, inventor of the system, speaks about our product Texlon® ETFE:

Vector Foiltec has been delivering ETFE cladding solutions since 1982. Our services include; concept, scheme and detailed design, foil and structural engineering analysis and development of bespoke cladding systems to meet project specific light transmission and thermal performance requirements.