Maintaining in-house multidisciplinary expertise continues to be a key factor in our success enabling us to resolve complex design issues efficiently. Our services include; initial concept through to scheme design, climate based optical and thermal assessment as well as foil and structural engineering analysis.

Additionally we provide specialised production, installation and after sales services. Our primary goal is to deliver reliable cost effective solutions for our clients within a short time frame while remaining true to the aesthetics of individual projects.

Whether it is a roof or façade, big or small: Our designs get the most attention and won multiple architectural awards. ETFE, as a flexible foil material, is the architects’ choice when it comes to challenging designs.

The benefits of ETFE are definitely its lightweight structure and its great range of possible sizes and completely new structures. In comparison to glass, our foils offer the most possibilities while minimizing the costs.

The production process of the Texlon® ETFE system. Over 30 years of experience as the world market leader- what else do we have to say?

Skills? Check! Talent? Check! We know how to handle ETFE foil carefully and install it with our fully trained rope access technicians.

Our maintenance team is glad to help you worldwide with any kind of ETFE repair, cleaning or ventilation servicing.

The Texlon® cladding system offers designers unparalleled opportunities in the development of the climatic envelope.

If you have a project in mind, contact us to get more information about the Texlon® ETFE system.