273_161_DK-Kopenhagen-Office Buddinge09-05.09

schmidt hammer lassen architects worked closely with the tenant, MOE, during development of the Office Buddinge project to develop a dynamic office environment that also reflects their corporate brand.   The building strikes a perfect balance between being aesthetically beautiful and environmentally friendly. The atrium makes use of a Texlon® ETFE cladding system which has […]

273_161_DK-Aarhus-NRGI Domicil-Foil-086-© Andreas Braun

The headquarters building for NRGi, one of the largest electricity suppliers in Denmark, is a fitting testament to the company’s commitment to energy conservation. The NRGi was the first office building to respond to rigorous energy efficiency legislation introduced in Denmark in 2007.   Each element of the building – from its distinctive façade to […]