Carlisle Station with Texlon® ETFE roof and facade Carlisle Station, also known as Carlisle Citadel, is a Grade II listed building, built in 1847. The station had a glass roof, but over the decades it had aged and deteriorated into a fragile condition. This posed the risk of glass falling onto the public and station […]


Vector Foiltec’s Texlon® ETFE – seamlessly combining aesthetics, design and functionality In addition to our multi-layer inflated technology, demand for Texlon® ETFE single membrane technology is growing. This technology is fast evolving whereby aesthetics and functionality are paramount. The six canopies at Tottenham Hale bus station are a testament to this. Optimsed design In spite […]


Texlon® ETFE Drop-Off Canopy by Vector Foiltec designed by Safdie Architects Before the stress of a long flight, we want to have an uncomplicated arrival to the airport and not worry about the weather outside. The Texlon® ETFE canopy at Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport provides protection from the environment to passengers, but still allows them to […]

We installed the Texlon® ETFE technology to the roof canopy structure of the North Terminal Interchange (NTI) train station as part of Gatwick’s North Terminal Landside Development Programme. Vector Foiltec also installed Brisé Soleil and fabric rain screens. This tiered canopy offers protection to passengers arriving at Gatwick Airport’s North Terminal Interchange. The main tier […]

ARTIC Texlon ETFE roof and facade by Vector Foiltec

The Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC) is an iconic gateway to a new era of transport options. ARTIC, the striking, arched transport hub that fulfils Orange County and the City of Anaheim’s vision to encourage the use of public transportation, simultaneously alleviating highway congestion. ARTIC sits in a pedestrian zone in central Anaheim and […]

Station designed by Grimshaw Architects – with Texlon® ETFE cushions Designed by Grimshaw Architects, the main facilities at both terminals and the second passenger bridge are formed of a steel structure clad in Texlon® ETFE cushions. The lightweight of the Texlon® ETFE foil enables the reduction of the supporting structure while its outstanding light transmission […]

The refurbishment of Manchester Piccadilly Station retained the original listed train shed building, which was erected in 1842, while introducing an entirely new concourse and entrance to improve circulation and dramatically update the image of the station. Modern engineering techniques were employed to support the new mono-pitch roof. Texlon® ETFE transparent inflated panels were used […]

Vector Foiltec installed a series of printed Texlon® ETFE free standing canopies and a large canopy over the railway station at London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5. This prestigious project was designed by HOK International and Rogers, Stirk, Harbour & Partners architects. Even though the station is located underground, the Texlon® ETFE cladding panels allow natural […]

Texlon ETFE facade by Vector Foiltec

Gare Saint-Roch – the main railway station in Montpellier was built in 1844 and operates both national and international services. The station has been extended on several occasions to cope with the increase in rail traffic. The most recent expansion in 2014 involved the construction of a new building which comprises of a large through-fare […]

Following a major restructuring in 2010 Gare de Bellegarde-sur-Valserine become an interchange serving approximately 75,000 passengers each year on the busy TGV routes between Paris and Lyon and Geneva. The new terminal building where passengers can purchase tickets, shop and dine at multiple restaurants is covered with simple Texlon® ETFE cladding on a timber structure. […]