We are in the business of construction and work with some of the most experienced construction teams in the sector. Texlon® ETFE installations are precision-engineered systems and requiring the highest levels of craftsmanship and skill to install. Site installation, testing and commissioning is undertaken by fully trained rope access technicians. Installation is carried out by experienced rope access technicians who are familiar with the levels of careful handling associated with Texlon® ETFE foil systems. The various components making up the system are specially manufactured and require the most sensitive levels of care and attention during transport, handling and installation.

All projects start with a handover meeting between the dedicated internal project manager and the site installation teams to discuss the project in detail including examination of drawings, standard and non-standard details, site location and layout.

Regardless of a project’s size or complexity, we combine global experience with local knowledge to deliver high quality projects. All site works are planned and carried out to ensure that the final installation has been delivered to the highest quality in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

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