When the privately owned Burgers’ Zoo located the large woods just outside Arnhem first opened its doors to the public in 1913, visitors were amazed. Never before had they seen such exotic animals being housed in large enclosures that tried to replicate their natural habitats. This was a marked difference from how animals were kept […]

The new Panda House was built on the location of the old Seac Pai Van Park Zoo on the island of Coloane. The architecture of the enclosure was designed to mimic the natural roll of the terrain. It is clad with the highly transparent Texlon® ETFE foils to create an enclosed controllable environment for the […]

Buckminster Fuller, the great pioneer of innovative architectural and structural visions, dreamed of roofing entire cities to create new and exciting living spaces. Today, Texlon® ETFE cladding systems turn this concept into reality creating breathtaking indoor spaces like the Eden Project. The largest biome could enclose the Tower of London. Architect Sir Nicholas Grimshaw wanted […]

The stunning Aqua Mundo at Les Trois Forêts is home to several water attractions, swimming pools with a water temperature of 29°C all year round and beaches. The stunning clover shaped steelwork where three roofs span 35 metres met is clad with Texlon® ETFE   The enitre area is immersed in dense tropical greenery and […]


Leipzig Zoo has taken nature in its most primitive form to a new dimension on a 16.500 m² site to create a unique architectural structure, which not only provides an amazing experience for visitors to the Zoo but which is also an evolution in design. Vector Foiltec, the world market leader for intelligent architecture using […]

The ZOOM Erlebniswelt allows visitors to experience a piece of the rainforest jungle in the heart of Gelsenkirchen, Germany – the unique wildlife of the Southeast Asian jungle is home to bats, cranes and orangutans. The rich biodiversity of this enclosure is aided by the Texlon® ETFE roof.   The shape of the enclosure is […]

The Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park at Zoo Zurich opened its doors to the public on 7 June 2014. This impressive compound will allow members of the public to see the elephants from a completely new perspective. Visitors will be able to observe the mighty animals reacting socially with one another and look on as the […]