Eco-efficient, Elegant Double-curved Texlon® ETFE Clad Roof

Coastlands Aquatic Centre in Paraparaumu, New Zealand, is a stunning state-of-the-art facility, which caters to all ages and aquatic abilities. Guaranteed to provide maximum enjoyment for visitors, Coastlands Aquatic Centre boasts an eco-efficient, elegant double-curved Texlon® ETFE clad roof supported by a delicate timber lattice structure. As a result, that creates a light and airy space throughout the facility. The complex has a toddlers’ pool with water features, a hydro slide, spa pool and sauna, café, physiotherapy, and space for meetings.

A Transparent Texlon® ETFE Roof That Is Also Eco-efficient

Winning the 2014 NZ Wood Resene Timber Design Awards, Coastlands Aquatic Centre is both elegant and eco-efficient. The transparent Texlon® ETFE foil is just 1% of the weight of glass but transmits more light, is a better insulator and costs 24% to 70% less to install. Further, the light-weight property allows more freedom in structure design and choice of materials, enabling the design of this award-winning timber structure.

What makes Coastlands Aquatic Centre so unique is the fact that the material is fully recyclable, self-cleansing and does not degrade under ultra-violet light. Texlon® ETFE was the first ETFE system in the world with an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) affording simplification of sustainable energy credits in accordance with BREEAM, DNGB, and LEED.

Coastlands Aquatic Centre has been awarded a prestigious Green Ribbon Award in recognition of its commitment to reducing carbon emissions. It achieved a 26% energy reduction through better management practices and the use of new technology. So, this shows how eco-efficient the Aquatic Centre is.


Date 2012
Location Wellington, New Zealand
Sector Aquatic
Size 1,835 m²
Structure Wood
Type Roof
Architects ASC Architects, LHT Design

Expert Contact

Angus Macleod
Director Australia & New Zealand
Double-curved Texlon® ETFE clad roof.
Double-curved Texlon® ETFE clad roof supported by a delicate timber lattice structure.
Delicate timber lattice structure.
ETFE foil is naturally a very transparent material

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In addition, Vector Foiltec is the only company who has full EPD certification for their Texlon® ETFE solution. Sounds pretty green for a transparent solution? Absolutely.

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