Year Round Light Flooded Indoor Waterparks

Kalahari Aquatic Resort is one of the largest indoor water parks in North America. The African Safari themed park contains both indoor and outdoor water attractions, including a 28,000 square foot area covered by a transparent Texlon® ETFE cladding system. The indoor waterpark welcomes in the sunshine, creating a natural light flooded indoor atmosphere.

Warmth in the Winter

The client wanted to create the warmth of the African jungle in the midst of the wintery climate of Ohio, therefore ETFE was used for the roof. With excellent insulation properties, the large wave pools, slides and jacuzzies within the transparent enclosure are kept at a desired temperature all year round. Texlon® ETFE possesses better insulating properties than comparable triple-glazed glass units, while allowing for a light flooded atmosphere. The high levels of light transmission and UV light transmission passing through the Texlon® ETFE system means that the occupants feel as if the are outside all year round. However, they are protected from the elements in the colder seasons.

Summer all Season

The lightweight Texlon® ETFE system offers tremendous advantages over traditional roofing systems in terms of energy savings, sound dispersion, lower structural costs and better light transmission. Less structural steel is needed to support the lightweight ETFE roof. Therefore less sunlight is blocked from coming in to the guests below. Extend the summer season indoors by including an ETFE roof overhead.


Date 2007
Location Sandusky, OH, USA
Sector Aquatic
Size 2,567 m²
Structure Steel
Type Roof
Architects Collins and Scoville Architects, PC

Expert Contact

Mark Nolan
Pre-Construction Manager US
Visitors enjoying the light flooded indoor wavepool
Visitors enjoying the light flooded indoor wavepool.
Interior views of the ETFE roof.
Interior views of the ETFE roof.
Interior views of the ETFE roof.
A view from above showing the ETFE panels over the indoor water park
A view from above showing the ETFE panels over the indoor water park.

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Since 2008 Vector Foiltec has been involved in the design, manufacture and installation of structures and cladding for many large sporting venues and stadia around the world. The versatility of the Texlon® ETFE cladding system and a unique capability to deliver bespoke performance means it can resist the rigours of a wide range of external climates yet ensure internal environments best suited to the needs and comfort of users and spectators alike. ETFE is now not only considered an alternative to glass for all building types, it is the go-to material for stadia and arena design.

Check out the amenities under our ETFE roof at Kalahari… or other waterparks we have enclosed!

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