A Unique Texlon® ETFE Canopy

41 Burda Shopping Center in Kocaeli Turkey, was built in 2015 and opened in the first quarter of 2016. The mall is divided into three main areas connected by a continuous mall on two floors. Vector Foiltec designed, engineered, and installed a Texlon® ETFE canopy with a unique roof structure.

A great atmosphere is key for a successful shopping center. The illuminated water fountains in the central areas are visual attractions for all visitors walking under the canopy. Further, the transparent roofing system makes it possible to maintain a comfortable sound level that invites shoppers to stay.

Natural Surroundings Mirrored in the Design of the Interior And Exterior

The natural surroundings of Kocaeli and the Marmara Sea were mirrored in the design of the interior and exterior of the 41 Burda Shopping Center in Kocaeli. The 9,000 m2 Texlon® ETFE canopy which sits on top of the mall creates a more cozy outdoor feeling while protecting visitors from the environmental elements.

Texlon® ETFE Canopy – A Unique Roof Structure

The roof is totally unique, with Texlon® ETFE cushions of different shapes and sizes constructed by Vector Foiltec to fit in the fluent roof design. In addition, Vector Foiltec fully designed, engineered, and installed the steel support structure.

As a result: a great achievement for all involved is that the 41 Burda Shopping Centre has been rewarded with LEED Gold Certificate by Green Building Council.


Date 2015
Location Izmit, Turkey
Sector Retail
Size 9,000 m²
Structure Steel
Type Canopy
Architects Addon

Expert Contact

Phil Schneider
Head of Sales Europe & Middle East
A smart canopy solution with Texlon ETFE.
Visitors experience the outdoor feeling. A year-round shopping and entertainment experience.
The sky - through the ETFE canopy
Steel support structure.
Natural surroundings mirrored in the canopy design of the interior and exterior.
Natural surroundings mirrored in the design.
View at the ETFE canopy and its steel structure.
The unique Texlon® ETFE canopy.

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