ETFE Canopy for One Holland Village

The Holland Village, a popular shopping and dining destination located in the heart of District 10, has long been renowned for its special allure. As a cherished destination in Singapore, it draws both locals and visitors alike with its vibrant atmosphere. The recent introduction of One Holland Village, which includes a sleek ETFE canopy at its center, adds to the charm of this iconic location. This shopping mall distinguishes itself by serving as a community center for mixed development. It offers good food and a vibrant ambiance.

One Holland Village offers a unique blend of residences, service apartments, retail, and office spaces. With this mixture, it provides a unique and exciting retail experience, catering to the needs of the modern urban consumer. The addition of our Texlon® ETFE canopy amplifies this lively atmosphere because of its light transmission properties, which create a comfortably shaded environment.

ETFE Canopy: Aligning Vision with Client Requirements And Expertise

Our ETFE canopy enables the One Holland Village shopping center to harmonize with the open character of its environment. It helps maintain the neighborhood’s authentic charm and creates welcoming common spaces.

The selection of our Texlon® ETFE solution was driven by tight client specifications. The strategic focus was to optimize visible light transmission while minimizing heat gain and, of course, the overall project costs.

The project involved the thorough design, supply, fabrication, and installation of a 540m² double-layer Texlon® ETFE canopy. It consists of 10 cushions, each about 2.38 meters wide and varying lengths of up to 31 meters. The bottom layer is transparent, while the top layer features a silver print to shield visitors from the sun’s rays.

Cost-Effective Engineering for Lasting Value

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the ETFE canopy offered substantial savings in steelworks. Vector Foiltec supplied and meticulously engineered the supporting steelwork, guaranteeing its structural integrity, efficiency, durability, and elegance.

The ETFE canopy connects the different functionalities of the mixed development of One Holland Village: residential, commercial, and retail. Acting as a community link, it shelters the local visitors from sun and rain alike, while enhancing the architectural vision of the developers.

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Date 2023
Location Holland Village, Singapore
Sector Retail
Size 540 m²
Structure Steel
Type Canopy
Architects MKPL Architects

Expert Contact

Matthew Penrose
Executive Vice President Asia Pacific

Exterior part of the Etfe canopy at the center of One Holland Village shopping center
People enjoying their time under the Etfe canopy at One Holland Village shopping center.
´Small image of the interior part of the Etfe canopy at the center of One Holland Village shopping center
The interior of the Etfe canopy in the center of the One Holland Village shopping mall featuring colorful decorative curtains.

Images Copywrite: Vector Foiltec

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