The First ETFE Canopy in East Malaysia

Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, part of Marriott Bonvoy’s global network of 31 hotel brands, recently launched the Sheraton Kuching Hotel. This marks the first Sheraton property in East Malaysia and the third in the country. Located in the vibrant ‘Golden Triangle’ of East Malaysia’s capital city, this iconic 5-star hotel showcases innovative architectural design and engineering brilliance with its concave exterior. The ETFE canopy blends in seamlessly with its surroundings and marks itself as a significant landmark in the region.

Originally Designed to Feature Glass

Originally, the hotel entrance was designed to feature glass. However, our clients have decided to incorporate our Texlon® ETFE system instead, recognizing its potential to reduce steelwork costs.

The developer engaged Vector Foiltec to design, engineer, supply, fabricate, install, test, and maintain the elaborate hotel entrance canopy. Our single-layer ETFE solution comprised 11 panels with printed foils. It had to ensure a striking design to enhance the curvature of the hotel facade. Additionally, it had to overcome challenging engineering complexities such as a 16 meter cantilever.

    Additionally, the Texlon® ETFE steel structure was lighter and more efficient than the glass solution. It provided a more elegant solution with smaller steel components and less connections. The nearly 500 m2 lightweight canopy is a great work, delivered by our leading ETFE specialists and architectural steelwork engineers.


    Date 2021
    Location Sarawak, Malaysia
    Sector Hotel/Leisure
    Size 500 m²
    Structure Steel
    Type Canopy
    Architects Aki Media Studio

    Expert Contact

    Matthew Penrose
    Executive Vice President Asia Pacific

    The entrance of the Sheraton Kuching Hotel features a beautiful ETFE canopy realized by vector foiltec.
    This is another angle that shows the transparency of the ETFE canopy at the entrance of the Sheraton Kuching Hotel.

    1st ETFE Project in East Malaysia

    The successful implementation of this canopy serves as a testament to the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders involved in the project. Furthermore, this project marks a historic milestone as the first ETFE project in the East Malaysian state of Sarawak. It represents a vision for a brighter, and more sustainable future.  

    With over 40 years of expertise, Vector Foiltec’s global team is equipped to tackle any challenge across various industries. Whether you’re envisioning a unique canopy or a lightweight roof, our team of experts is available to assist you here (go to our contact page).

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