Banc of California Stadium Texlon® ETFE Canopy

Under construction:

Banc of California Stadium Texlon® ETFE Canopy

There is a new 22,000 seat, major league soccer stadium, set to kick off the 2018 season.

The Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) teamed up with Gensler to design the new open air Banc of California stadium. This is the first open air stadium to be built in Los Angeles in over 55 years. The steep slope of the seating area is the steepest at any MLS stadium, and will put fans closer to the field, more than a traditional layout. The seating area will be covered with a single layer Texlon® ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) canopy. Over 17,650 m² of ETFE will help minimize glare, control light transmission, and protect onlookers from the elements. Cheering on your favorite MLS team has gotten much cooler, in more ways than one. The canopy will enhance the overall fan experience, letting them take home a hat trick of memories.

Much like most of the newer stadia, the Banc of California’s design includes restaurants, retail and conference spaces, that will draw additional people and revenue to the area as well.  The aesthetics of the canopy will assist in the goal of enhancing the beautification of the area. Once the stadium is completed there is a goal of at least LEED silver certification.


Catch a glimpse of the beautiful Texlon® ETFE roof under construction:


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