Is ETFE a miracle construction material?

Don’t imagine miracles, build them.

Let us inspire you with a miracle construction material: Texlon® ETFE. But… 

Is ETFE a miracle?

You may be shocked when the response is “No” because it is explicable by scientific laws. The outstanding properties of our Texlon® ETFE technology are totally comprehensible when it comes to science. But, let us be completely honest with all of the properties ETFE has to offer and a touch of magic from our experienced engineering team, it really is a figurative miracle on a silver platter.

ETFE stands for ethylene tetrafluoroethylene, a transparent polymer. Are you picturing scientists in white coats and astronauts? Well, what you should be picturing are beautiful architectural applications like the Beijing National Aquatics Center, colloquially known as the Water Cube, for the Olympic Games, a functional greenhouse like the Eden Project, and fans cheering under an ETFE roof at U.S. Bank Stadium, or picture shopping and relaxing in an ETFE covered shopping mall.



Beijing National Aquatics Center: a 100,000 m² Texlon® ETFE building envelope by Vector Foiltec


Form, function, fashion…and do not forget sustainability. 

You did not read that wrong, ETFE encompasses all of those characteristics. The innate flexibility of this building material allows you to design to almost any shape. And it won’t just be aesthetically pleasing, but will have function. Are you trying to control light transmission? Are you trying to reach a certain solar heat gain coefficient, or U value? Ok, we will stop there; you are picturing scientists in white coats again. We would rather you think of high fashion, couture if we may say so. If you want to be cookie cutter, you can, but why not make your project unique and your own. Vector Foiltec tailors every single ETFE project to the client’s needs and wants.  Each project considers local climatic loads, environmental factors, and your very personal design requirements to name a few. With the unparalleled knowledge of our team, your application can be designed to withstand weight that is 300-400 times the weight of ETFE. We are not figuratively speaking: You could place your car on it if you wanted. Let us not be crazy though.

Out with the old and in with the new. That may be a bit contradictory for us because Texlon® ETFE is a great asset for new buildings, but can also be used when rehabbing old. Discover ETFE to create your next benchmark project. Your iconic building should leave a footprint, but not a carbon footprint. Sustainability is a priority. Texlon® ETFE has been a part of projects all over the world that have been certified LEED, BREAM, DGNB and has been recognized with Vector Foiltec’s exclusive Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). Many of the reasons for these certifications hinges on the outstanding material properties of ETFE. As an example, it is lightweight, yet strong and our engineers design it to be perfectly suitable in areas that are prone to hurricanes, like Miami FL. But don’t worry, you do not have to wait in long lines or be on the VIP list, our technology is available to everyone. Give it a shot: with our network of 18 global offices we, Vector Foiltec, are around the corner to help you.

Have an impact of the shape of our future cities. Let us create a footprint with Texlon® ETFE, contact us.



Aarau bus station is formed of a single inflated Texlon® ETFE panel encompassing over 1,055m².



Unique ETFE roof designed specifically to the needs of Tampines Town Hub shopping mall


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